A letter to my Mum

mum and i

Dear Mum,

This is a letter to you on Mothers Day. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done and currently do for me. You’re more than a Mum to me, you’re a best friend I can’t even go a day without talking to.

Although we’ve had our ups and downs I know you’re always there for me. I’m very lucky and grateful to be a part of your family and to have you as a Mother.

You’re my inspiration and I want to be able to give you everything you’ve ever wanted if I could. I know I don’t always say this but I love you lots and lots and I don’t know what I would do without you there.

I tell you everything and how my day has been. You’re the first person I gossip to. You’re my Most Haunted and Rupaul buddy. We have our little inside jokes that make me laugh every time without fail.

I know I can be super annoying and there are probably times you wish you could throttle me; like when I don’t wash up or sort out my washing. I know this, I’m sorry.

But I love you forever and always.

Lots of love,
Bren xoxo


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