Cutting Out Toxicity – why it’s okay

I just wanted to write a quick post about toxic friendships and relationships because its been on my mind recently.

Every one at some point in their lives will come across someone or something toxic to them. That’s life, but cutting people off can be tough and it’s totally okay. I have cut off so many people in my life because of bad relationships with them that affected my mental health, or even theirs.

There is nothing wrong with cutting people out of your life to feel better. Sometimes you have to think of you first and if they’re doing something that you don’t like, they’re not very nice to you or people you know or they affect your well-being then cut them off. Tell them where to stuff it and leave.

Some friendships and relationships don’t work out and they need to come to an end to protect you or the other person. If you want to know how to spot a toxic relationship/friendship then here are some good articles that explain it:

I really recommend that you check out these posts and maybe highlight whether you’re in a toxic relationship and how to over come it.

I recently had to cut someone out of my life. I felt bad about it, but in the end I feel a lot better and my anxiety has calmed down a lot since. I’m obviously sad this person isn’t going to be in my life anymore, but it was the best thing to do for both of us. And that’s okay. Friends come and go and they always will, so don’t force yourself to be stuck in a relationship you’re not happy in; no good will ever come of that.

You are the most important person, so if someone is upsetting you or hurting you then leave, you’ll get over the friendship/relationship. There are always people you can talk to whether it be family or other healthier friends. You don’t need to stay, and cutting people off can sometimes be the best thing you can do.

Thanks for reading!


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