Ways To Distract Yourself When You’re Feeling Down

When you’re feeling down with only your own thoughts, it can get pretty overwhelming. Trust me, I’ve been there. I also know how hard it can be to distract yourself from these feelings and thoughts. It’s almost as if whatever you do, it’s still all you can think about and that sucks. I’ve decided to share my tips on how I successfully distract myself when I’m not feeling too good.

Play with some makeup – I normally sit down in front of my desk, put on a makeup tutorial and try my best at following it. Granted I’m not that great at following the instructions, but I normally get so into it that I forget I was feeling low. I sometimes even do my hair. I’ll try and follow tutorials on Youtube and (unsuccessfully) replicate the looks.

Learn something new – I have a great app called ‘Duolingo’Duolingo_logo_with_owl.svg which has loads of languages to learn. I’m currently learning French, I’m doing pretty well. Learning a new language is a great skill to have, it makes travelling easier and it’s also fun! Instead of learning a new language you could learn a new skill like sewing, drawing, an instrument, the list is endless. All of these require maximum concentration which leaves no room in your brain for feeling low.

Do some baking or cooking – The best thing about cooking or baking is that you get to eat whatever you make at the end! The thing with cooking and baking is that you need to really pay attention otherwise you could have a pretty big accident on your hands. This is why I think it’s a great way to distract yourself – you’re forced to concentrate.

Do some fun quizzes online – We’ve all done some pretty fun quizzes. Maybe you wanted to know what kind of fizzy drink you are, or which character from The Office you relate to the most. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of these fun quizzes online. They’re such a fantastic way to take your mind off things because they’re mindless and don’t require too much focus, plus they can make you laugh which is a bonus.

Watch some stand-up comedy – I love watching ‘Live at the Apollo’ whenever I’m feeling down. Comedy is a great way of easing sad thoughts because it’s designed to make you laugh! Go on Youtube and search up your favourite comedian and just binge watch a load of their gigs and shows. I promise you’ll feel better at the end.

Teach your pet a new trick – This one allows you and your pet to have some fun. Teaching your pet something new stimulates their brain but also distracts yours. In the end when your pet finally knows what you want them to do is such a great feeling. You’ve both achieved something. Plus who doesn’t want to spend quality time with their pet?

Go to a local cafe for a coffee – Or whatever drink you prefer. Not only does this get you up and out of your house but you also socialise. Socialisation is one of the best ways of taking your mind off things. I’m not saying you have to go to a party, but just being around people is enough socialisation. You could take a book or you could just people-watch. Take your phone or iPod with you and listen to some music so you don’t have to interact, just being in a social situation will help you greatly.

These points help me distract my mind from sour thoughts and I hope they help you too. I know hearing the same thing over and over again can make you think that there is no hope so I’ve not included generic ones like take a walk or read a book. Frankly, they don’t work for me.

Thanks for reading!



23 thoughts on “Ways To Distract Yourself When You’re Feeling Down

  1. I love this post! Thank you for the suggestions 🙂 I have been baking a lot recently to take my mind off things and we end up with some goodies in the house! I would try and teach my pets new tricks but I have cats and you can imagine what they’re like….

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  2. This is such a great list! I also love just practicing my makeup when i need something to focus on, its so easy to get really stuck into a tutorial. How much would you recommend ‘Duolingo’ ? I spent like 5 years learning french and only just stopped doing classes but i really want to keep it up a little. xx

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