Places on my travel bucket list!

I’ve always wanted to travel. The only thing that’s getting in my way right now is money. I’m trying so hard to build up my career in writing so I can fund my travels – but I’ve not quite cracked it yet. I’m constantly dreaming of getting away from England and seeing the world. I finally watched Mamma Mia: Here I Go Again the other day – what an incredibly beautiful film – and it truly inspired me to work harder and build up the chance to go to all the places I’ve ever wanted to go. I’m not the best at flying, so I tend to stick with places I can easily get to by train or by boat, so that means Europe. I have always wanted to travel around Europe on my own. I’m constantly watching videos and vlogs on Youtube of people’s travels around Europe.


  • I wouldn’t be living my best Donna Sheridan life if I didn’t go to Greece, would I? Either way, I have always wanted to go to Athens. All my life I have been fascinated with Greek Mythology so I’d just love to go and visit some of the sites of Mythology in Athens. I can’t even imagine how amazing that would be. I know there is a Mythological tour around Athens which I would love to do. One day.
Athens, Greece
  • So, going with my Donna Sheridan life, I’d have to visit Skiros and Skopelos. Mamma Mia was partly filmed on both islands. The islands are so beautiful and are portrayed in such a wonderful way in the films I just can’t, not want to visit.


  • Italy is the one country in the world I HAVE to visit in my lifetime. I just feel this connection with Italy that I can’t explain. There is one specific city in Italy that I’m drawn to the most, and that is Venice! What a beautiful place. There’s something about it that makes me want to physically see it. I get so jealous when I see people visiting and their photographs. A wonderful blogger I follow called Janja (Seeking Wonderful) shared a few blog posts about her time in Venice which made me feel the need to visit Venice. She has taken such beautiful photographs, Venice looks amazing. Go check her out.
Venice, Italy
  • I also really love history, so visiting Pompeii is a must! Ever since I found out you could visit the site of this monstrous tragedy, I knew I had to go. It’ll be a special place which I know will trigger something inside me.
  • As you’ll know if you read my Art and Appreciation post, I love art. I have this fascination with Italian Renaissance art, and where better to see this than Rome? More specifically the Vatican City. I dream about visiting the Sistine Chapel and witnessing with my own eyes – The Creation of Man by Michelangelo. I can’t even begin to explain to you what that would mean to me.

Visiting Italy would honestly be a dream come true. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. And I will!


So I’m Irish. My family on my Dad’s side are completely, 100% Irish. Therefore, I have always had this connection to Ireland, but I have never been. I’d love to go and travel around the whole of Ireland for a few weeks, but there are a couple of places I have to visit.

  • Number one is Achill Island. This is where the majority of my family originate from so naturally, I want to go there. It doesn’t look like there is much there, but I want to go and see how I connect to the environment. Maybe even meet some family I have never met – I know there are so many people!
  • I also really want to go to Galway. It just looks like such an alive city. It seems so warm and welcoming I just know I’ll love it there. Achill and Galway aren’t too far from each other so I can definitely incorporate a trip to both areas in one holiday.


  • I’ve been to France a lot of times before, but I’ve only been to Paris and surrounding areas. I’d love to go further and visit a place called Rouffignac in West France. I’ve recently been tracing my family tree and I’ve discovered that my Mum and I descend from France. I’m going to write a whole post about what I’ve found so I’m not going to give too much away. I’ll just say that they come from Rouffignac – a reason I’d love to go. Also because the scenery is so pretty.
A landscape of Paris, France

When I manage to go to these places I’ll for sure take you all along! I’m excited to be able to complete this bucket list.

Is there anywhere on your bucket list? Let me know below…

Thanks for reading!





57 thoughts on “Places on my travel bucket list!

  1. Aww Bren, I’ve always wanted to travel all around Europe! I definitely feel you on the money part. Europe is such a wonderful continent to travel to. I also want to go to Amsterdam. Love this post, Bren!

    Mary x

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  2. I am a huge supporter of bucketlists!
    Mine started as a 40 things to do before 40 and has evolved! 😁
    Have you looked at maybe volunteering abroad as a way to get there a bit cheaper?
    Can’t wait to read about your adventures, I have only ticked off one of my travel goals so far :visit Japan, like you said, travel is expensive!
    But a goal is better than a dream. It is something solid to aim for.

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    1. I would totally volunteer abroad but I have a mountain of health problems that would prevent it being worth it to be honest, otherwise I would totally – I’d have left two years ago!! Hahaha. I also love a good bucket list, it is just goals and I’m determined to complete mine! x

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  3. What a great list!! I’m a massive Greek mythology geek and spent 10 years living in a Greece! Such a beautiful place and some really amazing sights, there’s still so many places I’d love to visit xxx

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  4. You have some great choices on your list. I love the opportunity to get to go somewhere abroad. I hope you have the chance to see all those places.💜

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  5. Italy is my absolute favourite place to travel to! You will love it! I have just booked to return there next year, and to Spain – which I adore. Isn’t travel an amazing thing!? 🙂

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  6. Italy is really beautiful – I visited there last year for two weeks and I had the best time! It is very deserving of a place on your bucket list! I would love to visit Greece – the mythological tour sounds amazing, and I would definitely go to where Mamma Mia was filmed – the islands look stunning!

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  7. Oh I ‘ve always wanted to travel to Paris, France and Italy too. I admire how they seem to enjoy life and are more relaxed than in American culture. And of course, I’m dying to try all the lovely cuisine too!

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  8. Hi I loved Mama Mia and Greece is portrayed beautifully in the movie. I am pleased to say that while I have not been to Greece, I have been to both Italy and France. Both countries are an art lover’s dream. The Sistine Chapel is amazing. Of all my travels, that has to count has the highlight. Good luck with making your travel dreams come true.

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  9. I am from Ireland & Myself and my boyfriend like to travel around the country when we have free time. I love travel and love exploring my own country. I have been to Achill Island and Galway and they are both fantastic areas to visit. Galway is such a beautiful city & Eyre Square is just the prettiest town center. I was very young when I visited Achill Island but it really is a beautiful area. Stunning scenery and it’s definitely on my list to go back. If you are ever planning on coming over and need advice or anything don’t hesitate to contact me. P.S, as you know Italy is one of my favourite places in the world & I can’t wait to go back!! xx

    Linda ||

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    1. Thank you! I’ll definitely be heading over soon. My whole family is from Achill, I know I have loads of family over there. They’re in Castlebar too I think. Italy is so wonderful, I’m so desperate to visit! xx


  10. Great list. I love all of these countries, however you should also visit central europe e.g. Czech Republic. I´m pretty sure you will fall in love with Prague.
    If you change your decision, then you can visit my blog about Prague.


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