2019 New Year Resolutions

I am the sort of person to make New Year resolutions but never follow through with them. Well, maybe I do for about a week. Anyway, this year I am determined to stick with them. I’m going to do ‘check-in’ posts throughout the year to help motivate me.

  • Get healthier – So I would like to lose weight, but I think getting healthier is way more important. I have a couple of health issues so I want to do as much as possible to help relieve some of the pain I experience, and eating better will for sure help me. I’m a vegan so I should know better. But just because I’m vegan doesn’t mean I’m healthy. I want to change that. I would ideally like to be on a 95% raw diet by August. Wish me luck with this one, I think it’s going to be the hardest one.
  • Save my money – I am so terrible with money. I’m actually ashamed at how irresponsible I am. Well, I mean I’m not the worst with money, I’m just not where I would like to be. This year I want to save enough money to either put a deposit down on a flat in London or to travel. I’d like to be able to have the option of either but I’m not really holding my breath.
  • Set a routine – Having a routine is so important. I think it helps to improve productivity, punctuality, effectiveness and even your health. I want to have a ‘bedtime’ and a ‘wake up time’. This will help me regulate my sleeping, and hopefully help with the fatigue I feel. I hope that this year will be sorted with the beginnings of a career, so a routine will help me work efficiently around a job too.
  • Learn a new skill – As you know, I mention it often, I’m learning French – slowly but surely. I’ve been trying to learn the language for a very long time so I’d like to try and nail it this year. I’m not saying be fluent by the end of the year, but just make a positive effort into improving it. Along with continuing my French journey, I’d like to learn something completely different. I took piano lessons when I  was younger and I’d really like to pick it up again, so maybe I’ll try and give the piano a go again. I’ll let you know, though.
  • Work on me – I am so determined to work on myself this year. That means taking care of my health and mental health. I have mental health problems and I’ve recently noticed a positive change in my mind so I’d really love to continue trying to make myself happy. It’s so important to look after yourself, and sometimes I forget. I’m definitely going to try my best.
  • Improve my work ethic – It’s not that I don’t have a work ethic, it’s just that I’ve lost it recently. Working on me and improving my work ethic go hand-in-hand I think. I’ve put them separately but I would really like to achieve both of them. I have to push myself this year to sort myself out in a career sense. It’s important to me to find something I really love doing, writing is that for me so I want to push myself out of my comfort zone.

Have you got any New Year resolutions?


2019 New Year Resolutions


8 thoughts on “2019 New Year Resolutions

  1. Love this, I definitely resonate with a lot of the goals you have, especially in regards to improving your overall health and putting in place a routine to help with fatigue. I’ve started to put a ‘bedtime’ routine in place & ive noticed a difference in my energy levels and how tired I am throughout the day which is a nice change haha

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  2. I love all of these goals! They definitely sound reasonable and I wish you much luck with achieving them. ☺️ I’d love to learn a new skill as well! I think French is such a pretty language. I’ve tried picking up Japanese in high school but I fell off it so I’d love to try to pick it up again. I also really need to save my money and spend less! Thanks for sharing your goals Bren! 😁

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  3. I’m also the sort of person who makes New Years resolutions and goals but never follows them through. However, after a tough year last year, I’ve decided that I’m going to work really hard to stick to them. One of my big goals is to be healthier by eating well and exercising more!

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