5 Vintage Style Youtubers I Like

I could sit and watch videos of people applying vintage make-up or doing their hair using vintage techniques for hours and hours. I find it so relaxing. I also think I like watching them because I am so unable to do it myself, so I watch from afar. I also love learning about vintage style and beauty so watching Youtube videos is how I gather more knowledge on the subjects. There are some amazing and knowledgeable people on the Internet so I thought I’d share some women I watch religiously.

1. Jbunzie

Jessica is such a cool person, she can turn herself into anyone, seriously! Not only does she do amazing hair and make-up tutorials, but she also creates brilliant little films to go with these tutorials. She has a varied style including the ’40s, ’50s, and ’80s. I’ve learned lots of make-up and beauty tips from her, even sewing tips! She also has another Youtube account – Jessica Vill which has loads more vintage tips and tricks.

2. PinupdollAshleyMarie

Ashley is a Youtuber who takes inspiration from the pin up’s of the mid 20th Century. I came across Ashley when I was researching 1940s hair, and boy does she do it bloody good. Her hair always looks immaculate.

3. Jackie Wyers

Not technically a vintage style Youtuber, but she does do some vintage looks which I love. Jackie does make-up tutorials recreating looks from celebrities and movie characters. They’re always spot on. She has done a few looks that are from different decades in the 20th Century, that is why I’ve decided to include Jackie on this list. Go check her out, she’s really cool.

4. Rachel Maksy

Rachel Maksy does a lot of DIY vintage on her channel. She does a series called ‘…But Make It Vintage’ where she takes a character (Poison Ivy, Princess Leia, Daenerys) and recreates their costume, make-up, and hair in a vintage style. It’s genius and Rachel does such a brilliant job at it. Her 1920s Daenerys Targaryen was amazing!

5. Karolina Zebrowska

If you’re a vintage fan you’ve probably come across Karolina at some point. Watching her videos has taught me so much about fashion and fashion history. Remember those Glamour and Allure ‘100 years of…’ videos? Well, Karolina has factually corrected those videos and it fascinates me. I adore her style, she’s always dressed vintage. I love her Edwardian looks. Go check her out.

I thoroughly encourage you to check out all of these cool women who have shaped my admiration for all things vintage.


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