Easy And Quick Halloween Costumes For Everyone

We’ve all been there, two weeks until Halloween and no costume. Maybe you forgot, or maybe you’ve been invited to a last-minute party. Either way, you don’t have a costume, and you need one. Don’t worry, I got you! I’ve come up with a few last minute easy costumes you may be able to make with things you already own! I’ve also included some links to elements of the costumes I’ve found, just in case you’re stuck for items.

1. Tom Cruise in Risky Business

This is such an incredibly easy costume. Literally, all you tumblr_mt10ufEXCF1rxj9n3o1_500need is a big, over-sized white shirt, make sure it’s big enough to cover your bum! You can wear some black shorts under the shirt, just in case. You’ll also need some white socks, pulled up, and some black sunglasses. If you wanted to wear this costume out and about then you can wear some discreet shoes under the socks (ones that won’t show too much). It’s such a famous scene, so I expect the majority of people will know who you’re supposed to me. A brown wig is really optional, I don’t think it’s a necessary part of the costume, you’ll be easily recognised.

Link to sunglasses.

2. Bank Robbers

bank-robber-clipart-free-11Everyone will recognise a stereotypical bank robber costume. You’ll need a black and white striped t-shirt, some black skinny fit trousers (leggings, skinny jeans, even tights and black shorts), black shoes (trainers or pumps), a black eye mask and some black gloves. A white pillowcase can be used as a money bag, all you need to do is draw a dollar sign on the front then tie at the top. All of these items are easily accessible at your normal clothing shops. You can draw the masks on with paint or eyeliner. It’s a quick outfit idea that’s perfect for parties.

Links: Top, Gloves, Mask

3. Regina George

I could’ve picked any of Regina’s looks, but I chose her ‘cut-out top’ hd-aspect-1464865969-mean-girls-boob-cut-out-shirtlook. You know the one. Anyway, you’ll need a white vest top, plain bra, black pleated mini skirt and some black dolly pumps. Then just cut holes where your boobs are and voila! You have a Regina George costume. The blonde wig is optional because in the film it became a trend so you can be a trend-follower instead.

Links: vest top, skirt, shoes.

4. Batman/Batgirl

batgirl_cover_-_publicity_-_h_2018A couple of years ago I dressed as my own version of Batgirl. I paired a Batman swimming costume with a black fake leather skirt, some black tights and black boots. I painted a small mask over my eyes and made a cape. I really liked this costume, it was pretty easy and I wore the skirt and boots again.

Links: Top, Swimming costume, cape, skirt.

5. Holly Golightly

Even if you’ve never seen ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ I can guarantee holly-golightly-profileyou’ll know Audrey Hepburn’s iconic character, Holly Golightly. She’s sophisticated in her clothing, so for this costume, you’ll want to keep it simple but elegant. You will need a black shift dress you can work with a long or a short skirt, a long pearl necklace you can ideally wrap around your neck a few times, a cigarette holder, long black gloves that go to your elbows and some black pumps or heels. For her hair, you want to tease it into a beehive style, then pin at the back into an up-do, and if possible add in her iconic short fringe. Her makeup is very simple; a small wing on her eyeliner, blushed, rosy cheeks and a nude lip shade. You can pair this look with some black sunglasses too if you wish. Here is a tutorial I found for her hair and her makeup:

Links: necklace, cigarette holder, gloves.

6. Wayne and Garth from Waynes World

waynes_world_-_h_-_1992I love Waynes World and I think it’s pretty easy to replicate their outfits. For Wayne, you’ll need a plain black loose fit t-shirt, loose fit blue jeans with big holes in both knees, black converse and a ‘Waynes World’ baseball cap. Wayne has brown shoulder-length hair so if you can’t do this with your own hair then you may need a wig, but they’re easy to find on places like Amazon.

Garth is pretty similar to Wayne. The jeans are the same, baggy blue jeans with holes in the knees. Garth often wears graphic band tees and a flannel shirt. He has thick-rimmed black glasses and blonde teased hair. Garth also wears black converse/trainers.

Links: Wayne – Top, jeans, converse, wig/cap.

Garth – Top, shirt, glasses, wig.

7. A cactus

For this costume, you’ll need a green dress or long-sleeved top and some black trousers or tights and black shoes. You can paint/draw on the spikes of the cactus with some white paint or a white pen. You can also pair some fake, pink flowers in your hair, or stuck onto your top. So simple and easy!

Links: top, flowers.

8. Pink ladies/T-Birds

Easy and recognisable. The main part of both of these costumes afec992c61d6141a910702ffc8360146are the famous jackets. The Pink Ladies costumes are fairly simple; you can wear black skinny trousers (leggings or pleather leggings) or a long pencil skirt and a plain black fitted top. Black pumps work well with this costume. Add a pink scarf tied around your neck and the iconic Pink Ladies jacket. You can make your own jacket using a pink bomber jacket with the writing painted on or you can buy a premade one. The film is set in the 50’s so your hair should be styled in such a way. You could add curls to the end of your hair then brush out the bottom so it’s nice and fluffy. Here are some tutorials I have found on Youtube that you could use:

Links: scarf, jacket.

tumblr_n8q6r5dYva1ttry46o1_500The T-Birds are just as easy. Some blue, straight-legged jeans, black converse, a plain white t-shirt and the leather jacket with the logo on the back. You can also add a cigarette if you want to too. Again, you can make your own jacket or you can buy one.

Links: jacket.

I hope you all have a great Halloween.

Thanks for reading!


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    Another fantastic Halloween post! Some great ideas!! Xx

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  5. Love these ideas! I especially like the idea as going as a pink lady!

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  6. These are all such great and easy recommendations! I really love the pink ladies and Tom cruise in Risky business , both very iconic!

    1. Thank you, Molly! Very iconic, indeed. Easy costumes too. Perfect for last minute Halloween plans haha x

  7. Another fab post by you, love! OMG I LOVE REGINA GEORGE ❤️ (who doesn’t? Hahahaha) also, Holly Golightly and the Pink Ladies/T-Birds are such an awesome Halloween costumes that anyone could go for! Love this post so much!! 😍😍

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    Great ideas 🙂
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  9. I love the Regina George idea!!!

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